150L Solar Retrofit Systems. (Flat Plate Collector)

The retrofit / solar conversion kit has been designed to convert a conventional electric water heater to a solar water heater system. The kit consists of a existing  electric water heater and a complete solar vacuum tube assembly comprising of an aluminium frame and manifold, 16 or 20 glass solar vacuum tubes or a flat plate collector, a 12V solar circulating pump with a photo-voltaic solar panel or 220V circulation pump and a Geyserwise differential controller that controls the temperature between the panel and the existing tank.The water from the geyser / storage tank is circulated through an evacuated tube collector by means of a 12V solar circulation pump, thereby transferring solar energy into the geyser and heating the water directly. The Geyserwise control unit also manage the electricity supply to the element and you will be able to monitor the temperatures directly from the LED display. This system is often the system of choice due to the lower entry level cost (existing electrical geyser is being used) and the aesthetic value of the installation (only the collector is mounted outside on the roof, there is no tank outside, the geyser is installed inside the roof).

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