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Solar Corp Online

Solar Power

ZAR4,178.10Kwiksol 100L Direct Tank
Kwiksol 100L Direct Solar Tank
ZAR6,024.90Kwiksol 150L Direct Tank
Kwiksol 150L Direct Solar Tank
ZAR6,669.00Kwiksol 200L Direct Tank
Kwiksol 200L Direct Solar Tank
ZAR12,289.20Kwiksol 300L Direct Tank SS casing
Kwiksol 300L Direct Solar Tank
ZAR5,466.30Solartherm 100L Direct Tank
Solartherm 100L Direct Solar tank
ZAR5,939.40Solartherm 150L Direct Tank
Solartherm 150L Direct Solar tank
ZAR6,885.60Solartherm 200L Direct Tank
Solartherm 200L Direct Solar tank
ZAR10,026.30Solartherm 300L Direct Tank
Solartherm 300L Direct Solar tank
ZAR4,446.0012 Evacuated Tube and Frame
12 Evacuated Tube Panel
ZAR5,928.0016 Evacuated Tube and Frame
16 Evacuated Tube Panel
ZAR7,353.0018 Evacuated Tube and Frame
18 Evacuated Tube Panel
ZAR7,410.0020 Evacuated Tube and Frame
20 Evacuated Tube Panel
ZAR10,032.0024 Evacuated Tube and Frame
24 Evacuated Tube Panel
ZAR4,320.601.5M Flat Plate Solar Collector
1.5M Flate Plate
ZAR5,004.602.0M Flat Plate Solar Collector
2.0M Flate Plate
ZAR6,030.602.2M Flat Plate Solar Collector
2.2M Flate Plate
ZAR6,486.602.5M Flat Plate Solar Collector
2.5M Flate Plate
ZAR9,291.002.0M Frost Resistant Flat Plate Collector
2.0M Frost Resistant Flat Plate